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Lake Como Neighborhood Advisory Council Bylaws

The bylaws are the procedural rules of the Lake Como Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC).


Here, you will find rules concerning the board, elections, voting rights, and quorum, among other things. This document dictates how many board members you should have, how they’re elected, how they’re removed when they’re elected, the voting powers of each unit, how many board meetings you should hold, and more.



1. The official name of this organization shall be Lake Como Neighborhood Advisory Council (Lake Como NAC). 




1. The official name of this organization shall be Lake Como Neighborhood Advisory Council (Lake Como NAC). 



  1. The purpose of the Lake Como Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) is to:

a) Promote better communication between citizens and the city officials, and citizens and county officials.

b) Encourage neighborhood unity.

c) Promote civic spirit.

d) Establish good will among residents.

e) Promote the improvement of public facilities and services.

f) Cooperate with the City of Fort Worth, other governmental agencies, civic or public organizations for the general welfare of the residents of the area.

g) Work with and solicit cooperation with the governmental agencies in dealing with problems in the neighborhood that may be alleviated through use of public funds from various sources, both governmental and private.



1. The boundaries: West (Bryant Irvin Road), South (West Vickery), East (Neville to Merrick including all the Lake Como Park area), and North (West Rosedale and Camp Bowie). The boundaries, an area of special emphasis, may be changed only upon acceptance of a new area by the City of Fort Worth and at the request of the Executive Committee of the Board.



  1. REGULAR MEMBERS of Lake Como NAC shall be any person over the age of eighteen whose primary residence is within the geographical boundaries (as outlined above). A regular member may vote but must be in good standing to vote for election of NAC Officers. To be in good standing must have attended at least five (5) monthly NAC regularly scheduled meetings within the last twelve months, verifiable by official sign-in roster.

  2. BUSINESS MEMBER shall be any person, firm or corporation operating a place of business within the Lake Como NAC boundaries (as outlined above). Non-residential property owners will also be classified as a Business Member. A business Member may vote but must be in good standing. To be in good standing a Business Member must have attended at least five monthly regularly scheduled NAC meetings within the last twelve months, verifiable; by official sign-in roster.

  3. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS shall be any person, firm or corporation, who neither resides, owns property, nor operates a place of business within the NAC Boundaries, but maintains an interest in the Como community. Associate members shall have the privileges of the floor when acknowledged by Chair, but have no voting privileges and cannot hold office.



  1. The Officers will be Chairperson, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, and recent Past Chairperson.

  2. The Executive Committee shall consist of the six (6) officers and the immediate previous Chair for one year following the end of the immediate previous Chair's term.

  3. Only residents' members in good standing are eligible to serve as elected officers.



  1.  The activities, property and affairs of the Lake Como NAC shall be managed by its Executive Committee, who may exercise all such powers of the NAC and do all such lawful acts and things as are permitted by statute or by these bylaws.

  2. The Executive Committee shall:

a) Serve as the executive body of the NAC.
b) Research and evaluate issues relevant to the NAC and Neighborhood.
c) Maintain open lines of communication between residents, Ci
ty Staff and elected officials.
d) The NAC Officers shall hold office for a term of two years. Elect ions shall be held in December of the elect ion year and those elected will assume duties January of the following year.
e) At the October meeting the Nominating Committee will be appointed by the Chair. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of one or more nominations for each officer at the November meeting. Nominations from the floor shall be heard at this time also.
f) The election of the Executive Committee will be by simple majority by secret ballot.
g) Members may seek re-election if status in the neighborhood remains unchanged.
h) Any vacancy occurring in the Executive Committee resulting from death, resignation, or retirement shall be filled by the affirmative vote of the majority of the remaining officers. Any officer elected to fill a vacancy shall serve until the end of the original officer's term.



1. Chairperson:

i) Shall be the Chief Executive Officer and shall have general supervision of the activities and affairs of the NAC and shall have general and active control thereof.
j) The Chair shall preside over all general meeting and Executive Committee meetings.
k) Shall act in accordance with the rules of the NAC.
l) Shall be empowered to call meetings of the: NAC and the Executive Commit tee in situations where immediate action is needed.
m) Shall direct and coordinate the activities of permanent and special committees.
n) Shall be empowered to vote in the general and the Executive Committee only when necessary to break a tie vote.
o) Shall be empowered to appoint committees.
p) Shall be official Spokesperson or his/her designee for the NAC in matter of policy and only after discussion and agreement of the majority of the Executive Committee.
q) Shall co-sign all checks of the NAC.


2. 1st Vice Chair:

a) Shall act as chair in the absence of the chair and shall generally assist the Chair and shall have such powers and perform such duties and services as from time to time be prescribed or delegated by the Chair.
b) Shall assume the office of Chairperson in the event that the Chair resigns or is no longer able to function as Chair.
c) Next in line of authority under the Chair. 


3. 2nd Vice Chair:

a) Shall generally assist the Chair; and shall have such powers and perform such duties and services as shall from time to time be prescribed or delegated by the Chair.
b) Shall assume the office of the 1st Vice Chair, in the event that the 1st Vice Chair
resigns or is no longer able to continue to function as the 1st Vice Chair.


4. Secretary:

a) Shall keep minutes of the General meetings and Executive Committee.
b) Shall file and maintain reports, pertinent documents and all newspapers publicity pertaining to the NAC.
c) Shall keep an attendance report of the General meetings.
d) Shall maintain a current membership list.


5. Assistant Secretary:

a) Shall assist the secretary.
b) Shall perform as the Secretary in the Secretary's absence.


6. Treasurer:

a) Shall collect all funds as made available and shall have the care and custody of all funds and property, if any of the NAC.
b) Shall make disbursement of funds only on the order of the Chairperson or the Executive Committee with the approval of NAC.
c) Shall disburse all NAC funds by checks only upon the receipt of a bill.
d) All checks shall be signed by Chair and Treasurer with the approval of NAC.
e) If Treasurer and the Chair is unavailable to sign due to illness, travel or other
unforeseen circumstances, the 1st or 2nd Vice President will be eligible to sign checks.
f) The Chairperson, Treasurer and 1st and 2nd Vice Chairs shall be listed on the account and shall take two (2 of the 4) to sign checks.
g) Shall submit a written a financial report at each meeting.
h) Shall deposit all funds in such banks or saving and loan as may be designated by the Executive Committee.
i) Shall make a financial statement available upon request of the Chair.



1. There will be a minimum of nine (9) meetings a year. The Chairperson will be responsible for setting up meetings and will coordinate the agenda. Informational items presented at a NAC meeting will not be automatically voted on during the same meeting they are presented.

2. Specific Items will be acted upon and/or placed on the agenda by the following procedures;

a) Initial evaluation by the NAC Chairperson
b) Referred by Chair to Executive Committee with specific recommendations
c) Referred to membership for act ion when considered necessary by the Executive Committee.


3. Meetings will be held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM (unless otherwise announced) at the Como Community Center at 4660 Horne Street.

a) The NAC Chairperson as deemed necessary may call Special Meetings.
b) Procedures and meetings shall be conducted with due regard to parliamentary practice with Robert Rules of Order newly revised serving as the authority on all points not covered specifically by these bylaws.


4. Quorum: a minimum of seven (7) members of the Lake Como NAC is required, in order to conduct Lake Como NAC business, provided at least one of those present is the Chairperson or one of the Vice Chairs, and the meeting is on a regular meeting night.



  1. Any member of the Lake Como NAC who has a grievance, complaint or issue with any officer or anyone acting on behalf of the Lake Como NAC or/and NAC procedures or practice must submit it in writing to the Chair. The Chair in consultation with the Executive Committee and any person(s) necessary to assist, in resolution, will appropriately address the grievance/complaints/issue, at the next regularly scheduled meeting if possible. A Grievance Committee may be formed if necessary. In the event that the Chair is the object of the complaint/grievance or issue, the Vice Chair will be responsible for following the above procedures.

  2. If any member of the NAC institutes litigation in which the NAC is included as defendant in an effort to recover damages, to overturn enforcement or interpretation of the by-laws or rules or regulations of the NAC or for any other reason whatsoever, and does not prevail in said litigation by the recovery of all relief requested, said member shall be liable to the NAC for its attorney's fees, cost of court and other expenses incurred in connection with such litigation. Venue for any litigation for which the NAC is included as defendant shall be Tarrant County, Texas.



  1. Proposed changes to these bylaws must be submitted in writing properly signed and dated, at any regular or special meeting.

  2. Such amendments shall be acted upon at the next regular meeting.

  3. A two third (2/3) majority vote (in favor of) by members present is required.


  • Hispanic Community Representative

  • Hospitality Associate

  • Habitat facilitate their residents to be active NAC meeting attendees

  • Chaplin/Pastor from Lake Como Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance (LCIMA)

  • Marketing/Communications

  • Community Outreach

  • Draft Long Term operating procedures

  • Temporary AD Hoc Appointments

  • Parliamentarian appointed by Chair

Bylaw Revisions

April 27, 2021
April 5, 2007
June 3, 2010

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