Lake Como NAC
Lake Como NAC
Lake Como Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC)

Who Are We (Article I)

The official name of this organization shall be Lake Como Neighborhood Advisory Council (Lake Como NAC). 

What We Do (Article II)

  • Support and encourage participants, government and community institutions, and others to work together to advance the common good.
  • Promote civic spirit.
  • Incorporate diverse people, voices, ideas, and information; establish good will among residents.
  • Promote the improvement of public facilities and services.
  • Engage with and solicit cooperation with government and community institutions in dealing with problems in the neighborhood that may be alleviated through use of public funds from various sources, both governmental and private.

Who We Serve (Article IV

  • Regular Members-  Any person over the age of eighteen whose primary residence is within the geographical boundaries. A regular member may vote but must be in good standing to vote for election of NAC Officers. To be in good standing must have attended at least five (5) monthly NAC regularly scheduled meetings within the last twelve months, verifiable by official sign-in roster. 
  • Business Members- Any person, firm or corporation operating a place of business within the Lake Como NAC boundaries. Non-residential property owners will also be classified as a Business Member. A business Member may vote but must be in good standing. To be in good standing a Business Member must have attended at least five monthly regularly scheduled NAC meetings within the last twelve months, verifiable; by official sign-in roster.
  • Associate Members – Any person, firm or corporation, who neither resides, owns property, nor operates a place of business within the NAC Boundaries, but maintains an interest in the Como community. Associate members shall have the privileges of the floor when acknowledged by Chair, but have no voting privileges and cannot hold office.

Where We Serve (Article III)

Lake Como Neighborhood Improvement Program

Como boundaries: West (Bryant Irvin Road), South (West Vickery), East (Neville to Merrick including all the Lake Como Park area), and North (West Rosedale and Camp Bowie). The boundaries, an area of special emphasis, may be changed only upon acceptance of a new area by the City of Fort Worth and at the request of the Executive Committee of the Board.

How We Serve (Article V)

  • Organizing people, organizations and resources to positively impact the community- most notably in the areas of education, housing, healthcare, social justice and immigration reform.
  • Training, supporting and holding community leaders accountable to reaching their goals for personal and community improvement.
  • Serving as a resource, connecting individuals and organizations to effectively take on the issues affecting the Lake Como community.
  • Leveraging relationships and connections built over more than 60 years of working in the community to affect positive change.

Lake Como NAC Officers, Executive Committee, Sub-Committees take pride in the storied history of our community and embrace family, faith, & fellowship. 

Officers (Article V)Executive Committee (Article V)Sub- Committees
President/Chair: Ella Burton 
1st Vice Chair: Dena Ashton 
2nd Vice Chair: Leon Reed, Jr. 
Secretary: Jeremy Drake 
Assistant Secretary: Kamryn Johnson 
Treasurer: Elouise Burrell
Dorothy Debose
Ella Burton 
Estrus Tucker 
Larry Crockett 
Sandra Stanley
Lake Como Code Compliance Task Force
Lake Como Communications Council
Lake Como Community Leaders Council
Lake Como Crime Task Force
Lake Como Wellness Council