Lake Como Planning Committee

“Remembering the Past with Dignity, Embracing the Future with Pride”

The Lake Como Planning Committee awards presented as pioneers, legends and heroes are recognition of individuals or groups whose accomplishments, acts, deeds or feats were beneficial to the beginning and enhancement of Lake Como and what they did for others. More significant, the legacy of their accomplishments must not be lost to future generations. Is it possible that many Como youth don’t realize the dedication and sacrifices that were made for its beginning, and ongoing? In the beginning, many businesses and neighborhoods were closed to black people. So the individuals who settled the Como Community responded by creating their own community with churches, schools, barber shops, transportation services and a hotel. Como meant many things to those who lived, worked and ministered here. Though, segregated, Como was a vital community whose citizens learned the virtue of commitment and the “power of ideals”.

Members of the Lake Como Planning Committee are dedicated to impacting future generations by evoking through art the knowledge of the history and legacy of Lake Como. Honoring those who created the history is an initiative to preserve the history and legacy. In addition, the plan is to commemorate their accomplishments and contributions as part of the Como Park Improvement Project. The recognition and commemorative effort were initiated by two of the organizers of the Lake Como Planning Committee, Malinda Mobley and David Burke. Under their leadership, on July 4, 1991, a dedication ceremony was held in Lake Como Park where a brass plaque was permanently placed commemorating two men who lived in Como and lost their lives in battle in Viet Nam. Since then, we have officially recognized 14 individuals whose contributions were considered pioneering. Through collaborative efforts with Fort Worth Parks and Community Services and Fort Worth Public Art Council, we hope to commemorate past and future honorees.” John E. Hudson, Chairman Lake Como Planning Committee, 2008.