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Lake Como Weekly

The Lake Como Weekly, a Fort Worth African-American newspaper, was founded in 1940 by William H. Wilburn Sr. The Lake Como Weekly went through various name changes. In October of 1954, the paper was briefly named the Como Weekly and resumed its original name by December of the same year. By 1960 the newspaper had changed its name to Fort Worth Como Weekly and by 1969 the paper was called Fort Worth Como Bi-Weekly. The newspaper in 1971 had changed to its final name Fort Worth Como Monitor with a monthly format. Mr. Wilburn owned and operated the newspaper until 1984. Citing failing health, he turned over ownership of the newspaper to Raymond Hart and Joyce Hart Green as Editor in 1985. Inclusive dates for the Lake Como Weekly held in the Fort Worth Library Archives are 1950-1986. 

Digitization of this collection funded by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission TexTreasures program.