The city of Fort Worth is located within the North Central Texas region. It has a large population covering an area of 304 square miles. Like any large city, a major concern of all residents has been the increasing crime rate in their neighborhoods.


During numerous public hearings in 1991, Fort Worth’s Mayor and City Council heard time and again from angry business owners and citizens who came forward to voice their concerns about crime. The City Council struggled with the problem of addressing the needs of the citizens while continuing to support other services and staying within the constraints of an ever-tightening budget. The local newspaper published articles that revealed that Fort Worth had one of the nation’s highest crime rates. This became an economic development issue and major businesses were reluctant to relocate to Fort Worth.

With crime taking a strong foothold in the city, it was the general consensus that a community approach would link citizens, the Police Department, City Government, Schools, Businesses, Churches, and other interested parties to address the crime issues. After several rounds of discussions involving these groups, the Mayor and Police Chief, decided that a series of crime prevention initiatives, called “Code Blue” would be the best approach to the problem.

In the fall of 1991, the City Council approved funding for the Code Blue Program and hire additional personnel to become Neighborhood Police Officers (NPO).  The NPO is responsible for coordinating crime reduction activities in their areas and work closely with the Citizen on Patrol groups.

The major goals of the Code Blue Program are:

  1. Reduce crime, with an emphasis on violent crime
  2. Improve the quality of life for all Fort Worth citizens
  3. Increase direct citizen involvement
  4. Involve children in crime prevention through programs to develop self-esteem
  5. Become the focal point to develop and gain acceptance of other crime
    prevention programs during the year.

The Lake Como Citizen on Patrol’s first captain was Robert Newsome from
(1991 – 2018) and was supported by these dedicated persons:

Lake Como Citizens on Patrol – Robert Newson (Captain)

Original Members

Mary Polk Gladys McBride
Ruby Jackson Nellie Gaye
Juanita Hewett Beverly Hewett
Agnes Bosley Henry Thomas
Dorothy DeBose Roy Carter
Timothy & Ella Burton Rev. Herman & Martha West
Calvin & Dorothy Stanton Willie & Margaret Washington
Amos Thompson Herman Williams

At the start of 2019 the torch was passed on to a new captain to lead the patrol. Herman Williams was selected to lead the patrol.

Lake Como Citizens on Patrol – Herman Williams (Captain)

Current Members

Herman Williams Margaret Washington
Wanda Bohannan Ruby Jackson
Ella Burton Allen Albright
Dorothy DeBose  

The Lake Como Citizens on Patrol continues to patrol our community daily, making it a safer place to live. They work closely with the NPOs to address crime issues in our neighborhood. The community is blessed for all the hard work of dedicated individuals carrying on their duties patrolling our streets.