Rev. G.W. Burton, the pastor of Zion Baptist, embraces two friends; Rev. C.C. Quarles, former pastor; and Rev. J.L. Dawson, pastor of Mt. Olive during Rev. Burton’s 40th-year celebration. Lake Como is a community of education, community activities, businesses, and also churches. The Rev. George Washington Burton was a legend and institution in the Como Community contributing to the total community and the Negro community throughout the city of Fort Worth with equal effectiveness and fervor. He began pastoring the Zion Baptist Church in 1924 and through the years that followed, contributed marvelously to the growth and development of the Como community. During the 1940s and 50s when the Lake Como Civic League and the Como Community Center Organization were battling for Como’s development, Rev. Burton was always at the forefront of the battles. He could always be depended on to do what he could to assist in any endeavor that meant good for the Como community.


“The Church can never be an end in itself, however perfectly it may formulate its faith, establish its order, and conduct its worship. The Church, to be truly the Church, must be everlastingly an instrument of God’s saving will.”

The Church, to be the Church, must be a missionary as well as worshipping.

The Church is the universal community designed by God to transcend and embrace all differences of race, station, and sex that divide mankind.

The Church is God’s because he established it, bought it with his own blood, and sustains it with his might. Christ and his Church are inseparable, “you can’t have one without the other.”

A Church is not measured in terms of its physical dimensions, that is, its seating capacity, its parking area, its staff, nor its width, breadth nor height, but its outreach.

We ask the question a number of times, how much is he worth? The worth of a man is not in terms of what he owns, but how much he lives, not how much he gets, but what he gives.

The Church is an institution, so is God, LOVE. We must accept him before he can take complete control of our lives. We must join the Church, give ourselves to Christ before we can receive the Church.

By Rev. O Thomas Austin, pastor Johnson Chapel AME Church