COMO SCHOOLS HISTORY – Como is one of a few communities that have two historic schools in the community that have reared and educated great and successful people.  Como established its first public school in 1914. Though, in the beginning, the enrollment was small, however, after World War I, the community started to grow. As more people moved into the community, there was a greater need for a bigger and better school building. The school continued to grow with students eager to learn. At this time, the men and women of the community began to take pride in the school, by helping with the maintenance of the school.


Moreover, the Como School had grown from a humble beginning of a small frame, one-teacher, and eleven-pupil school to a thirty-three room ultra-modern structure with an imposing glazed entrance high-lighted by a mosaic tile wall, and terrazzo floor. The structure included an industrial arts room, gymnasium, boys’ and girls’ shower rooms, and auditorium with an approximate seating capacity of five hundred persons; chemistry, general science, and homemaking laboratories; library, men’s and women’s lounges, and offices for the administrative staff.

In 1959, the school boasted of the administrative staff of a principal, twenty-six teachers, the service of a visiting teacher, a school nurse, a secretary, custodial personnel of five persons, and an enrollment of five hundred eighty-five students. Not only had the physical structure grown, but the general atmosphere and cultural achievements had advanced, for it had been accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The span of years between 1914 and 1958 show without a doubt the progress of the school and the community.

Today, Como Elementary is still in operation and Como High School changed to Como Middle School of Occupational Orientation; it is presently Como Montessori School. In 1986, Como Montessori Magnet was established with a unique concept that fostered a more student-led environment. Furthermore, the mixtures were the school administrators who wanted to give parents an alternative method in education.

Como High School 1957 Related to Education History of the Schools Currently this facility (which closed in the 1970s) is now the Montessori School

Como Montessori opened with 3 kindergartens, 6 first/second/ third and 2 fourth/fifth-grade classes. For the 1987 school year, there were 3 kindergartens, 3 first grades, 6 second/third, 2 fourth/fifth, and 1 sixth grade class. For the 1988 school year, one fourth/fifth grade class was added. In 1989, a one-seventh/eighth-grade class was added.

The School changed from Como Montessori Magnet School to Como Montessori School, under the leadership of  Janna Russell in 2005. Currently, Como Montessori is still one of the elite schools in the Fort Worth Independent School District.